Increasing awareness and emotional connection to consumer spending.


With the rise of digital payment methods users are becoming increasing disconnected with their finances.


Design a solution that enhances the advantage of digital payments whilst connecting to the user both physically and emotionally.


Nexus is an innovative smart home product designed to fit in with consumer’s homes, becoming part of their lifestyle. The product aims to connect users with their money by incorporating features which increases their awareness of everyday spending.

The product creates a behaviour changing environment by making money tangible to the user. Stainless steel balls represent the user’s money and transfer from the top section to the bottom after each transaction. The product is paired with a companion app, increasing the functionality of the product keeping the consumer engaged with their finances.

tangible medium

Stripping back to the basic senses, creating meaning through physical objects lost in a digital world.

physical interaction

Having direct control over interaction and seeing the direct response of their actions in one to one feedback system.

discrete information

Hiding in plain sight, changing its meaning depending on who’s viewing and only giving more away on your command.

behaviour changing

Forming an integral part of you daily life, information that has meaning, allowing actions to be taken in response to the feedback.


Insert the right angle USB C power cable into the base.


Magnetically attach the dispenser to the top of the base.


Connect to the device via bluetooth to complete setup.


Device monitors and reacts to users transactions.


Turn the device over to reset and start a new month.